More About Mwa

Hello there, stalkers. My name is Hannah and I am ...

A Christian - God is my true love and He comes first in everything in my life.
A writer - I started writing at age eleven and haven't stopped since.
A reader - I love books and I don't read nearly as much as I want to/should.
An E/INFP - The Myers Briggs Type Indicator has spoken (although it can't seem to decide if I'm extroverted or introverted ...)
A musician - I play piano (PRIDE AND PREJUDICE SOUNDTRACK FOR LIIIIIFE) and love singing.
A photographer - Sometimes ...

I like to write (some) poetry on occasion when I feel inspired. 
I also love world building. It is probably my favorite part of writing, even though I believe characters are the most important part of a book. (Feel free to email me about that if you want to debate.) But I just love world building. I could talk about it all day. I have ten maps - no, eleven. Yeah, eleven maps (and I'm working on floor plans for a castle) for my current project, The Thief's Conspiracy, (which you can read a blurb for over in the What I'm Writing tab. But anyway, if you wanna talk world building ... 

Journaling is also such fun. Not like, "Dear diary, today I ate sushi and peanuts and stalked Zac Efron," but the kind of journaling where you jot down random ideas, stalk observe people and strange things they do/little quirks about their appearance/words they use often/etc., develop and flesh out characters, write bits of poetry, (sometimes) and other things like that.

I am one of seven children (number three in the lineup) and I am also homeschooled.

And here are 3 random facts about me!

#1: I am a picky drinker. I am picky about my brands of bottled water, and if I'm drinking it from the tap it has to have ice in it (which makes me feel like a snob). I only like my coffee freshly brewed/made within the hour, and can't drink it reheated. But I will drink it just about any way you fix it: black, cream, cream and sugar, just sugar, creamer, hot cocoa packet, you name it. I'm not picky in that aspect. XP (Oh and I love mint mochas and carmel lattes. *dreamy sigh*)

#2: I like to name things (in case you haven't noticed). I named my blog, Stan. I've also named my phone (Data), my iPad, [Qwirtie (Yes, I know it's spelled weird. I'm a rebel.)], and my journal (the current one has clocks on it so I named him Bently). Our house is named Pickle (though i cannot take credit for that one) and our punching bag is named Dudley.

#3: I have to sleep with my feet uncovered. Like, I can't wear socks and the blankets can't be covering them. Just ... no. I also have to sleep with my stuffed rabbit, Thumper, that I've had and slept with every night since the age of three. Yes, I am such a child.

Well, I've blabbed enough about me. Tell me about you! Do you have anything in common with me? Any odd quirks? I'd love to hear about you. :D